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The best way to become a better tennis player isn't just by playing more tennis  it's by improving your overall athleticism.  Swing harder, get to those difficult shots, and accelerate your game into high gear with STACK Velocity Sports Performance. Whether you're an ATP player who wants to increase your rank on tour, a high school player hoping to make the varsity team, or a young athlete looking to play better in your local league, STACK Velocity Sports Performance can help you meet your goals. Our one-of-a-kind programs, bolstered by certified coaches and elite curriculum, help tennis players become faster, stronger, more explosive, and balanced. The result? Superstar performance from anywhere on the court. 

Certified Velocity Sports Performance training is designed to help you:

Improve Balance and Agility
Great plays require more than just strength. At STACK Velocity Sports Performance, our certified coaches improve the way you move with protocols that increase foot quickness and steady lateral movement. This leads to improved weight distribution, balance, agility, and side-to-side cutting ability.
Increase Speed and Quickness
Tennis requires the quickness and change of direction skills needed to rush the net, react to blazing serves and track down deep shots.  At STACK Velocity Sports Performance, we help you develop explosive power, proper mechanics and movement skills to get to the ball and set up for the next shot.
Serve and Hit with More Power
We'll help you develop the rotational power and mobility that will improve the effectiveness of your serves and returns, the stability and balance to ensure consistent shot production, and the strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning to keep it up until the end of the match.
Reduce the Likelihood of Injury
We'll help you stay in play with mobility development and movement analysis to ensure that your body is producing and absorbing forces safely.  STACK Velocity Sports Performance infuses prehabilitation exercises into each workout to decrease the incidence of acute and overuse injuries.

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