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About the Facility

The NEW STACK-Velocity SCV at 25385 Rye Canyon, is owner by ABC 7 Sportscaster and Santa Clarita resident Curt Sandoval.  The 7-Time Emmy Award Winner with a minor in Exercise Physiology has relocated STACK into the NEW state-of-the-art SCV Soccer Center. Curt’s put together a team of experts that proves - you don’t have to be a Pro - to train like a pro!

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Early Bird Special Starts NOW for $147 per month. 
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If you are interested in private training, please email Michael White directly. Click HERE
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Programs Offered

Our Class descriptions.  

Remember all athletes must have an assessment.  Assessments are a one time fee of $149.00. *


Ages 7-11


This class is the building block for all training.    Learn more......click here

Ages 12-14

(Developmental 1)

In this second stage, athletes will continue developing proper posture and movement, athletes make huge gains in strength and power will be added.  Learn more.....click here.

Ages 15-18

(Developmental 2)              

Developmental II classes the athlete's technique is fine-tuned, and the final pieces to build the total athlete are provided. Learn more....click here.


Team Training

Our Team Training programs are designed to deliver a challenging workout that is organized, educational, progressive and customized for entire sport teams.

Private Training 

If you are looking for that performance edge, or an athlete striving to get to the elite levels of the game, we offer private training.  Learn more....click here.


* Athlete assessments are done every 3 months.  The one time fee covers the initial assessment as well as all follow up assessments for the lifetime that the athlete is actively training at Velocity Sports Performance, SCV.  We are the only facility in the Santa Clarita Valley to use computerized software to measure the progress of each and every athlete.  For more information about our testing process please call 661-294-4000.



Find Our Facility

Velocity Sports Performance SCV is a state-of-the-art training facility is located at 25385 Rye Canyon, Valencia 91355. The training programs are developed with the help of world-renowned sports performance coaches who have coached numerous elite and professional athletes, as well as collegiate national champions and All-Americans. They assist in the ongoing development of programs which are scientifically designed to improve speed, power and agility.


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