Why Parents Choose STACK Velocity Sports Performance?

Just like every parent, you want the best for your child. While you want your child to be healthy and enjoy participating in sports, you may also have concerns about their abilities and possible injuries. This is where STACK Velocity Sports Performance can help.

Whether your child wants to be the star of the team, or just wants a little more playing time, we can help them reach their goals. Our coaches will push athletes to their limits, but not beyond them. They will use positive reinforcement to ensure that your child feels good about his or her accomplishments. And at the completion of the first program, you'll see the improvement in your child's athletic performance and a boost in self-confidence from what they've achieved.

Along the way, our coaches will meet with you and your child to go over the program, your child's performance, and answer any questions that you might have.

At a time when the childhood obesity rate is higher than ever before, it's important to ensure that children are physically active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Studies have also shown that children who are physically active or involved in sports are more likely to have higher self-esteem, perform better in the classroom, and have better social skills.

What keeps us on the cutting edge?
Our Coaches
A coach can make all the difference in the world when it comes to athletic performance. At STACK Velocity Sports Performance we select only the best of the best when it comes to our coaching staff. Unlike most gyms, our coaches are degreed and certified. Our coaches understand that while they should push athletes to the limit, effective training also requires positive reinforcement and the use of methods that cater to each athlete's individual learning style.
Our Curriculum
Our programs are designed to help athletes achieve tangible results and continuously updated with the help of world-renowned sports performance coaches whose backgrounds include coaching numerous elite and professional athletes, collegiate national champions, and All-Americans. Our programs are scientifically designed to improve speed, power, and agility - the three pillars of athleticism. At STACK Velocity Sports Performance, our groups average six athletes to one performance coach. We believe that training in small groups allows more personal one-on-one attention between coach and athlete, which ensures that each athlete will be able to get the instructions they need to improve.
Our Centers
Our centers feature professional equipment from the best vendors in the business. Each of our climate-controlled training facilities offers:
  • Athletic turf fields, ideal for perfecting multi-directional movements in an indoor setting
  • Sprint tracks, the most ideal surface for linear speed development
  • Olympic-style weightlifting equipment, the same equipment college and pro athletes use to build explosive power and core strength
Our Technology
 We use a video analysis system which allows athletes to see their athletic performance in action, and allows our coaches to analyze their athletic performance. This gives coaches the opportunity to make corrections where necessary, and gives athletes the opportunity to see how they are improving. 
Our Communication
Our coaches will periodically schedule meetings with athletes and parents to discuss the athlete's performance and improvement. This gives parents the opportunity to better understand the program, exactly what their child is experiencing, and to determine the value of the program to their child's athletic performance.

Our Commitment
In our eyes, our work is never done. To better serve our clients we will always be adding new programs and features, and supplementing our current programs to ensure that we are always offering our clients the best of what's available in the sports performance, health and fitness industries. 
Here's what some of our parents are saying:
Thanks so much to you and to all the coaches at STACK Velocity Sports Performance for being so friendly and welcoming to Nikki. Initially I did not believe she would stick with the program. But because of the coaches and the positive atmosphere - she has not only stuck with it but she always looks forward to going and loves the workouts. What more can a parent ask for? Nikki is now getting to show her progress in softball. At every practice or game someone mentions to Tim or myself how much she has changed this last year. We always give STACK Velocity the credit. The program is awesome, but it would not have produced the result it did if she did not want to be there. Because of the positive influences and encouragement Nikki has been transformed into a little athlete with great potential and a love for exercise! On behalf of myself, Tim and Nikki  - thank you so much for having such a positive impact on her life. 
- Lorri (Carlsbad, CA)
We have seen dramatic increases in our son's (Shane) speed, strength, and agility. The speed increase paid dividends during his Pop Warner football season. He was able to get the corner faster and score several long touchdown runs. We are already seeing positive results in strength and quickness in wrestling! We are sold on this training system. 
- Jon (San Antonio, TX)
I wanted to thank you for helping Bryson with his Basketball and Baseball skills. I have really seen a difference in his confidence and aggressiveness at his Basketball games. His footwork and speed have already improved, along with his rebounding skills. It is interesting to be able to watch your son develop before your eyes and to see him really hustle on every play on the court and on the baseball field (A challenge in the past). The most important part is that Bryson is learning proper technique and having FUN doing it! These skills will help him with Baseball this Spring and Football in the Fall. I look forward to many more years and getting Brianna (7 year old daughter) signed up next year!
- Doug (Champlin, MN) 
I feel strongly that STACK Velocity Sports Performance helped my son become the athlete he is today. It also helped his performance on the football field that got him noticed, which led to him getting invited to the Nike Skills Camp and the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp. Both camps are invitation only. My son couldn't have done this without STACK Velocity Sports Performance.
- Dale (Carlsbad, CA)

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